23 október 2006


Góður punktur, og í heildina ágætis grein um Garry Trudeau, gaurinn sem teiknar Doonesbury skrítlurnar.

At the table is a filmmaker named Chuck Lacy, who just produced a documentary called "The War Tapes," which followed three National Guardsmen to Iraq and back home. Lacy is saying there is something about this war unlike any other in history. The Internet has made it possible for soldiers to be in country, in a theater of war, but still communicate daily with their families, in real time, sometimes with video.

Is that good or bad? Trudeau asks.

Both, says Lacy: The soldiers say it's their lifeline, but it's also a terrible drain on their emotions; they're dealing not only with their own anxieties but also with the anxieties of their families 6,000 miles away. It can be surreal. They'll come back from a firefight and then try to resolve a mortgage problem.

Ég hef ekki lesið mikið af þessum strípum hans, en þetta virkar spennandi.. kannske maður líti á þetta einhverntíman.


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