02 október 2006

Ég á ekki orð

og get engu við þetta bætt:

... and the landowner said, These yer two yere, colts yourn ain't they? - and the old man said they were, and the landowner said, Musta found them in the woods, strappin young niggers as that; and the old man said No sir, he got the both of them lawful married, Mist So-and-So; and the landowner said that eldes on em looks to be ready for a piece himself, and the negroes laughed, and the two boys twisted their beautiful bald gourdlike skulls in a unison of shyness and their faces were illuminated with maidenly smiles of shame, delight and fear; and meanwhile the landowner had loosened the top two buttons of his trousers, and he now reached his hand in to the middle of the forearm, and, squatting with bent knees apart, clawed, scratched and rearranged his genitals.


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