07 október 2006

Ísbrjótur og smygl

Ég get ekki varist þeirri tilhugsun að þessi gaur hafi skrifað villuna viljandi, í þeirri von að fólk bendi honum á það og byrji í framhaldi að tala við hann:

Young man: I think you should have put LIFE and not LIVE on your sign.
Jesus freak, holding sign reading THROUGH JESUS WILL YOU FIND ETERNAL LIVE: Oh, thank you. Have you accepted Jesus as your savior?
Young man: No, I'm a dirty Jew. I'm going to hell.

Og þetta er bókað glæpur vikunnar:

Russian customs officers say they have discovered a mile long pipeline that was pumping vodka to Latvia.

Border cops in Buholovo, on the border, said the tunnel had been laid six feet underground by crooks to pump home-made vodka across the border. It was then sold in Latvia.

But the pipeline was discovered when local council workers started digging holes to plant trees in the area.

Yakov Kabanov, of the local border police, said: "We had our suspicions that there was someone running hooch across the border here but we could never figure out how they managed it.

"They probably would have got away with it for decades if those trees hadn't been planted as well."

Officers are questioning people in Buholovo about the pipeline, which ran between two rented houses that were empty when they were raided.

Hvar annarstaðar en í Rússlandi finnur maður vodkalögn grafna tvo metra oní freðna jörð?


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