31 október 2006


Ég myndi klippa það besta út, en hver einasta setning er gull:
A New Zealand doctor has upset patients by converting his medical centre into a high class brothel.

Neil Benson says he will employ "beautiful, experienced professional girls" in the up-market bordello which will cater for locals as well as visiting tourists.

The GP closed his Coopers Beach medical centre last year after a dispute with health officials over the lack of financial and community support.

The doctor, who claims "a lot of support from the men in the community", believes there are similarities between the world's oldest profession and medicine, reports The Northern Advocate

He said: "It's about providing a private service and maintaining confidentiality, which is what my medical practice was about - so it's not a big leap, really.

"Everything I have ever done is high quality. The standards of my medical practice were high and that will cross over to the brothel environment."

Janet Brennan, a local resident, said: "I never thought he would go so low. I think he's doing it to get back at the community for not supporting his clinic."

Peter Foley, chairman of the New Zealand GP Council, said the change of business proved "medicine isn't the big earner people think it is'".

Já þetta er víst allt sama tóbakið, hm. Þéttur þessi.


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