14 nóvember 2006

NJ mom on cell with son #1: Anthony! Anthony, It's Mamma. Stop crying right now. It's okay, honey. It's going to stop hurting in two minutes. Jesus, with the sobbing already! Put your brother on.

NJ mom on cell with son #2: I want you to stop doing that thing to your brother. If you make him cry again I'm going to make you cry. Do you hear me? Don't play stupid with me. I get enough of that from it your father. What? Put him on... Stop laughing... Put Daddy on the phone or so help me Jesus...

NJ mom on phone with the father: Jerkoff, what the fuck is going on over there? I leave the house for five goddamm minutes and you are all flicking each other's balls again... Stop fucking laughing. You are going to make them retarded or gay or something!

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