15 mars 2006

Enn af V..

David Lloyd, how different is it to watch something that you've written and helped illustrate come to life as a feature? How accepting were you of the changes?

Lloyd: When I was first sent the script I was kind of disappointed that it wasn't more faithful to the original. But the changes they made were quite valid, and I think they kept the core of it completely. And they kept the spirit of it and the integrity of it, all the key scenes and key instances that happened in it. So I think they did a fantastic job. For me, it was absolutely extraordinary to see it in November. There's one scene that's really amazing and really brought home to me the fact that it was something I had actually done and drawn that was brought to life. It's [a] scene with Natalie and Hugo Weaving ... when I drew that, I wanted to get it as realistic and believable as possible. And seeing it come to life is just like seeing a painting you drew come to life. It's absolutely great. And I saw that throughout the whole film. As it was rolling, seeing the first Shadow Gallery scene, it was just incredible to see stuff like that. I think the changes they made, because they had a shortage of space, they couldn't have possibly put everything in that was in the graphic novel, so they had to abbreviate things and use symbolism more. To me, what it has become is like a political cartoon, like the sort of thing you see in a newspaper, where broad sweeps have been made, broad brushstrokes on the canvas to represent thoughts and feelings and actions and ideas. I think, cinematically, it's a terrific transition.

V for Vendetta sem pólitísk skrítla í dagblaði? Og hann notar þetta sem dæmi um góða þýðingu.. Voðalega virkar það hæpið.

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