19 apríl 2006

Slaves of Mickey Eye

Spoilers for a book that’ll never come out follow.

High points of the panel included his relating the utterly and beautifully absurd first issue of SEAGUY v. 2, which he’s basically written though there’s no interest in it at Vertigo right now (apparently the numbers on the first series were less than stellar, which is criminal on a cosmic scale.) Apparently our hero has been brainwashed by the agents of Mickey Eye, when he realizes that the parrot who replaced Chubby the Choona at the end of the first series is a BAD GUY. Seaguy is transformed into El Macho, world’s greatest matador! But he’s not a normal matador. See, you can’t kill bulls now, they’re sacred. So instead of poking them with a sword, you have to dress them and by doing so, utterly humiliate them. No really. The ghost of Chubby appears to Seaguy and ultimately, Seaguy follows him out of his artifically crafted life (apparently abandoning his pregnant wife.)

Of course, she isn’t pregnant. She says “Well, we just couldn’t keep him” to her round belly. Then she lifts her shawl and underneath it is not an unborn child, but a Mickey Eye.

End first issue. Cue applause.

..viðbót: Er að lesa þræði á barbelith um Seaguy og þar minnist einhver á að stóra græna augað í Monsters inc., sem er framleidd af Disney/Pixar, heitir Mike. Beina teiknimynda-skemmtigarða-tilvísunin er auðvitað í Mikka mús, en ég hafði steingleymt þessu viðkunnalega græna auga.. Og nafnið er skemmtileg viðbót.

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