08 mars 2007

Svaka sport

Ég er að lesa Flaubert's Parrot akkúrat núna, og hef mjög gaman af. Brot:
I'm not sure what I believe about the past. I just want to know if fat people were fatter then. And were mad people madder? There was a lunatic called Mirabeau in the Rouen asylum who was popular with doctors and medical students at the Hôtel-Dieu because of a particular talent: in exchange for a cup of coffee he would copulate on the dissecting table with a female corpse. (Does the cup of coffee make him more, or less, mad?) One day, however, Mirabeau was to prove a coward: Flaubert reports that he funked his task when faced with a woman who had been guillotined. No doubt they offered him two cups of coffee, extra sugar, and a slug of congnac? (And does this prove him saner, or madder, this need for a face, however dead?)

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