07 mars 2007

The Onion um Dane Cook

LOS ANGELES—Building upon his previous Burger King–related work, comedian Dane Cook announced plans Monday to tape an hour-long HBO stand-up special devoted entirely to the Texas Double Whopper, the latest menu offering from the fast-food giant.


"I'll ease the audience in by calling [the Texas Double Whopper] a 'sangwich,' and Burger King the 'BK Lounge,' but then I'll hit them with both barrels and call it the 'BK Lounge sangwich,'" Cook said. "You can expect me to pace some, then squat, then probably growl like I'm hungry, and say 'Huuuungry!' And to really hit it home, I'll climb up on the stool, howl, kick the stool over, and dive to the ground and do the worm. It looks totally spontaneous, but it's all carefully choreographed, and that's the beauty of it."

"I mean, the fucking thing has jalapeños on it, bro," Cook added. "Jalapeños."

Last month, Cook tested the new material in small comedy clubs across the country, trying out different inflections and pitches on newly created Cook-isms for soft-drink dispensers as well as gauging audience response to iterations of the word "dude."

"Stand-up comedy is an art form—it's not just writing and telling jokes," Cook said. "It requires your whole body and soul to gesticulate wildly and yell the same things about sesame seeds and mustard over and over at the audience in different voices until they laugh."

Þetta er fyndið afþví það er satt. Ekki bókstaflega, en samt ó svo satt.


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