06 desember 2006

Meira að lesa

Eitthvað sem ég kippti með mér til að lesa í fluginu og svona.. nokkrir góðir punktar en soldið kreisí:
The discrepancies are numerous, but subtle. Being as the settling of accounts are portrayed somewhat of an aftertought (which, in itself, goes against the spirit of the cheerleaders' stated objective), and - to the knowledge of the viewer - no books are kept, the amount paid to each individual cheerleader for each individual task cannot be determined. It seems clear, however, that each and every customer pays simply whatever money they have on them at the time, which we can assume is roughly the amount agreed upon for the completion of the proposed service (i.e. washing a car or mopping a floor), long before the instigation of the service proper (i.e. the sexual intercourse). The contention seems to be that these tasks are interchangable in the free market of nubile servitude, which is a notion so implausible as to the point of being fantastical.


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