14 júlí 2008


sem alþjóð verður að heyra:
SISQO’S SEXY SIXPACK is a new reality show following the professional life of platinum selling recording artist Sisqo as he prepares for his new solo album launch and national tour. The reality show’s primary focus will be on Sisqo’s national search to find the perfect “sixpack”.

The perfect “6ixpack” is a group of six sexy, beautiful and talented women that combined make up the perfect “6ixpack”, complimenting Sisqo on his tour and promotional agendas. Sisqo’s Sexy 6ixpack is a concept that Sisqo has had success with in the past, helping to launch the careers of popular video vixens such as Melissa Ford and Gloria Velez. It will be mandatory that each member possesses a unique edgy appeal, complimented by great dance skills. Their bodies must be as tight and put together as their minds, hence the term, “6ixpack”.

In order for Sisqo to find the six sexy elements to complete his sexy Sixpack, he will go on a national search, across the country. The ladies will be judged on a RATED-S scale (for Sexy), which scores from one to ten with ten being the highest in six various categories: (1) Soul (dance skills), (2) Sex appeal, (3) Self-Confidence, (4) Style, (5) Sass (wit and spunky intelligence) and (6) Sixpack (physical body type).

The lucky finalists will be flown out to the hub city (TBD) to begin their intense competition of becoming one of the six members in Sisqo’s Sexy6ixPack (SS6). The main objective of SS6 to act as visual compliments to Sisqo’s entertainment agendas. The group names will all be reminiscent of fruit, staying in theme with the “6ixpack” concept.

As the finalist get acclimated on their journey ahead, Sisqo and the “Pack Leader” will explain the rules of the competition to them. The “Pack Leader” is a no-nonsense woman that will act as Sisqo’s eyes and ears when he is out of sight.

A fokking men.


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