13 maí 2008

Úr Running Dog

Earl Mudger segir:

When technology reaches a certain level, people begin to feel like criminals," he said. "Someone is after you, the computers maybe, the machine-police. You can't escape investigation. The facts about you and your whole existence have been collected or are being collected. Banks, insurance companies, credit organizations, tax examiners, passport offices, reporting services, police agencies, intelligence gatherers. It's a little like what I was saying before. Devices make us pliant. If they issue a print-out saying we're guilty, then we're guilty. But it goes even deeper, doesn't it? It's the presence alone, the very fact, the superabundance of technology, that makes us feel we're commiting crimes. Just the fact that these things exist at this widespread level. The processing machines, the scanners, the sorters. That's nough to make us feel like criminals. What enormous weight. What complex programs. And there's no one to explain it to us.

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Mmm mmm mmm!

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Djöfull er næs að ég sé ekki sá eini sem sýnir DeLillo smá ást. Júhú, mister DiLillo.. *blikk blikk*.

(Og alltaf heyrir maður White Noise gaurinn lesa..)