10 september 2009

Um þjóð Abrahams og Sódómara vía Prúst:

[Proust] warns that the descendants of those who lied to escape from Sodom now populate the world and 'form in every country a colony at once Oriental, cultivated, musical and slanderous, which has charming virtues and unbearable defects.' Proust is concerned that these 'inverts' might organize themselves and for that reason he 'wanted provisionally to forestall the fatal error that would consist, just as a Zionist movement has been encouraged, in creating a sodomist movement and in rebuilding Sodom.'

I disagree.

The year 2008 marked the sixtieth birthday of the state of Israel, an entity that brazenly justifies its existence and territorial expansion by citing the political geography of the first magical-realist text, also known as the Old Testament - a view uncritically accepted by the governing elites of the Western world, whose Christian forbears regarded Jews primarily as Crist-killers. Is it not therefore time now for other tribes whose tribulations have also been recorded in the same five books to claim what is rightfully theirs? Why should the sauce for the Zionist gander be denied to the Sodomist goose? The Old Testament is seen by some as the family history of the Jewish tribes (for challenging this view in the seventeenth century and claiming that the stories were fairy tales, Baruch Spinoza was excommunicated by the Amsterdam Synagogue), but for the citizens of Sodom and Gomorrah it is nothing more or less than slander, an elder version of what we could describe as the Protocols of the Elders of Sodom: a false account of the destruction of tribal groups that resisted Abrahamic hegemony.

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