02 febrúar 2009

Conan og Watchmen

Obama Disappointed Cabinet Failed To Understand His Reference To 'Savage Sword Of Conan' #24

WASHINGTON—President Barack Obama expressed frustration Wednesday after members of his cabinet failed to recognize his allusion to the 24th issue of the comic series Savage Sword Of Conan during their first major meeting together.


"How am I supposed to effectively lead this nation when [attorney general nominee Eric] Holder has to stop the meeting and ask what the story of Taurus using the black lotus powder to kill the five guard lions has to do with increasing broadband Internet connections nationwide?" Obama said while vigorously rubbing his temples.

Added the president, "For the love of Crom, am I the only one here who wants to keep the U.S. technologically competitive?"


When asked by the press corps if this week's hiccup has caused him to rethink any of his appointments, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton interrupted the president to assert that she and her colleagues have already begun educating themselves about comic books, and will soon be "an invincible team of Supermen and Wonder Women working to save America."

"Wonder Woman? That's not even Marvel," Obama responded before storming out of the press room. "Who are you people?"


Ég ætla ekki að sjá þetta fyrren ég er búinn að sjá myndina.. Það er kannske ekki ástæða til þess, en maður veit aldrei og ég er hættur að tékka á treilerum, ég vil sjá myndina þegar ég sé myndina. Og það er rétt rúmur mánuður í það, vonandi.

En þetta er þá hér.


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